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Can I get my blood pressure checked at the fire station?
Blood pressure checks are normally done at the fire station any day between 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM; however, if you are having problems come by any time day or night or dial 911.

Are tours of the fire station available?

Schools and community groups are welcome to visit the station and see the equipment anytime Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Please call ahead to arrange a tour with the Fire Captain on duty.

What is the city’s fire insurance safety (ISO) rating?

The City’s ISO rating is a 4.

What should I do if I want to burn outdoors within the city?

Burning times are 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday, October 1 through April 30 each year. You may burn only small limbs and leaves that fall within your yard, burning of trash is prohibited. Burning is prohibited on Sundays and holidays as well as May 1 through September 30 of each year.

Does the Austell Fire Department offer a smoke detector program?

Yes, the Austell Fire Department offers free smoke detectors to residents of the City.  The Austell Fire Department will also install the smoke detector free of charge for senior citizens and for others that may qualify.  Please contact the Austell Fire Department for additional information.


How can I find out how my property is zoned?

To find out how your property is currently zoned, please call the Community Development Department.  Please be ready to provide the address of the property in question.

How do I rezone or get a variance for my property?

To rezone or get a variance for your property, you must obtain the appropriate forms from the Community Development Department which includes an application as well as the instructions for filling out the application.  The deadline for applications for a rezoning or variance is the 10th of each month.  Once your application has been accepted, public hearings are scheduled before the Planning and Zoning Board. The process generally takes between 60 to 90 days.

Where do I get a copy of the Zoning Ordinance and how much do they cost?

A copy of the current Zoning Ordinance may be obtained in person from the Community Development Department at 5000 Austell-Powder Springs Road, Suite 101.

A Comprehensive Plan for the City of Austell may also be purchased.

How can I get my building plans reviewed and approved?

In order to have your building plans approved, submit five sets of plans to the Community Development Department and allow two to five days for review.  All building plans for structures must be approved before you can obtain a building permit.


Where does my drinking water come from?

The source of the City of Austell’s drinking water is from the Chattahoochee River and Lake Allatoona.

Is my drinking water safe to drink?

Yes. The City of Austell water system meets or exceeds all safety and quality standards set by the State of Georgia and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Are monitoring and test results of drinking water available to the public?

Yes. A water quality report with detailed accounts of all the monitoring and testing results are provided to the public.

How often is my water meter read?

The City of Austell requires each meter in the city is read on a month to month basis.

How is my water bill calculated?

Water bills are calculated on consumption usage per 1,000 gallons multiplied by the current water rate.

What is the process for obtaining a Land Disturbance Permit?

Submit five sets of complete site plans, two copies of the hydrological report, and a copy of the certificate from Cobb County for the completion of its approved erosion and sedimentation control course.   The review fee is due at the time you submit your plans.   Comments are generated within two weeks.  Once site plans are approved a Land Disturbance permit may be issued.  Generally, the processing time for a permit is 45 days.


How do I apply for a new service?

To establish a new water service, you will need to come to City Hall.  A utility application must be completed.  A deposit will be required at the time you apply for service.  You will also need to provide picture identification and a rental or lease agreement.

When do I get my deposit back?  Does it accrue interest?

Each customer, whether residential or commercial, is required to pay a deposit or submitting two letters of credit prior to having a new service established.  If after twenty-four months of excellent payment record, the deposit will be credited to the account.  We do not pay interest on deposits held.

Does the City of Austell accept “Letters of Credit” from other utilities?

Yes.  Customers may provide two letters of credit from other utilities, for example, gas or electric.  The deposit will be refunded if you can provide two letters of credit within two weeks.

Why are the sewer charges higher than water charges?

This is primarily due to the cost of maintaining and operating the sewage collection system.  The City of Austell is clearly committed to the protection of our environment and meeting the service needs of our customers.

How are rates determined?

Rates are reviewed routinely by outside consultants to determine the cost of service.  New rates are reviewed and as necessary adopted by the City Council.  Your rate pays for debt service, operations, and maintenance costs.

Why do I have to pay for water when a pipe bursts at my residence?

It is the responsibility of the City of Austell to provide water to all our customers at the water meter location.  We are not responsible for the type of condition of plumbing from the water meter location into private or commercial dwellings.  If you feel you have a leak, please call City Hall to request a meter check.

I have a “blue-poly” pipe from the meter to the house and I had a leak.  Where can I find information regarding getting reimbursed for my plumbing cost?

Homes built since 1989 are eligible for assistance.

Why does a service charge appear on my water bill?

The service charge is for the cost incurred for not paying the bill.

Who determines the delinquent procedures?

The procedures are approved and adopted by the Mayor and City Council.

Why do I have to pay for recycling when I do not use these services?

All active accounts are billed for recycling by Ordinance dated August 2, 1993.

What is the Clean Stream Impact Fee that appears on my bill?  I do not have a ditch in my yard and I am still being charged the fee.  Can I have this fee waived?

This is a fee that was adopted by Mayor and City Council on March 3, 1999, and is charged to all customers of the Austell Water System.  The purpose of this fee is to help offset operations and maintenance costs with stormwater-related problems, including flooding and erosion throughout the City, aging drainage structures, and to keep streams free of pollution from stormwater runoff.

Stormwater is created by homes and buildings with roof drains, ditches, and a yard whereas stormwater drains and ultimately ends up in the City’s watershed; therefore, affecting everyone.

The Clean Stream Impact Fee cannot be waived as this is an impact fee for everyone on the Austell Water System.

The service charge does not show on my bill.  Why was I still charged for this?

The bill states that additional charges will apply for restoration of service and any other cost incurred in settling the account.

I paid my past due bill but the new bill is not due yet.
If you have a past due amount showing on your bill, the past due and the current amount become due and payable the first of the month.  If payment has not been made, the account is subject to disconnection.

I did not receive my bill.
Failure to not receive a bill does not relieve the obligation to pay the bill by the due date.  Water bills go out monthly and are due monthly.

I did not receive a notice that my water was being disconnected.
In November 2001, the City Council approved to discontinue sending out the first notice.  The notice now appears on your water bill and also shows the date of disconnection if payment is not paid by that date.

No one came to my door before my water was turned off.
The Water Department is not obligated to go door to door; the water bill shows the disconnect date.